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October 01, 2011


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Great heading makes this blog a must-read.


I see where this is going and wondering who pays for all this horsepower. I suppose it becomes part of the cost of doing business for all those entities hosting such and included in the price of whatever good/service is being sold. When the only way to access current (and I know there is an army of release 14 types out there still and they won't go away ever, just fade into ever increasing degrees of irrelevance)cad/bim software is by logging into the cloud based programs via subscription, then the cost will not be an issue. I think too that as the team approach becomes more universal as a construction business model that if a player wants on the team he is going to have to be up to speed with his licenses. For these donosaurs this OLD-BIM or even worse NON-BIM could become a new form of "Lonely BIM".


chance of BIM possibly, but apparently not where you teach (Yale) at least not yet insofar as their recent building upgrade program throughout which they failed as an owner to practice what you no doubt teach (for them). I wasn't directly involved in all the projects, but the Art Gallery renovation I played a very small part in suffered very much from the traditional architectural and engineering (2d) approach to visualization, accompanied by the usual army of RFI and change orders. The GC did his level best to use more modern approaches to his craft, but it wasn't pretty.


Hyper-hype, then more of the same. The real reason for the cloud approach is to 'stop' software piracy - that's it, period. Your job as ADSK minion is to spin it so that it appears to be an advantage to the paying customer, but that's very hard sell - especially since we won't all have petabit WAN connections on every desktop for another decade. Because you have such a difficult task, you have some of my sympathies, but since you are well paid by ADSK, those sympathies are limited.

Phil Bernstein

Two quick comments: first, while the Architecture School at Yale has scant involvement with Facilities here on campus, several major projects underway--including Foster's new Business School and Stern's new Residential Colleges--are BIM jobs. As regards "hyper-hype," acknowledging the source of my paycheck I would observe that our first foray into cloud computation for AEC users was Green Building Studio--energy analysis software that can't run on a desktop (too intensive) and offered free to our Revit customers (no revenue). No petabit WAN connection necessary. Just a reference point.


scratch projects

The moral of this story is that the user was smart enough to reach out to Autodesk, and guess what? This is a known issue! However, they haven’t yet been able to identify the root of the problem because of the very nature of the random behavior. It should go without saying that if Autodesk can’t reproduce the issue, they can’t fix it

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