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March 03, 2012


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Kieren Porter

What a great start to a rainy Sunday morning's reading! I will be sure to follow your posts in future thanks to Jeff (The Revit Kid) relaying this via his blog. As a BIM/CAD "champion" in the final stages of being made redundant, your observations align to my frustrations with an employer very much typical of an industry (and educational system) that invests too little, too late, in new ways to approach (and better) architectural design. Personally I have found this reluctancy inversely proportional to the indulgence of the "visual" - and long for a time, or better yet, a new employer, who thinks otherwise.

Phil Bernstein

I'm not one to deny the importance of the ineffable aspects of architecture, but rather posit that the definition of achieving that end be greatly widened before the idea of architectural design is rendered moot.

Perhaps your impending redundancy is an opportunity--if I'm guessing your location there will soon be a great surge of need for folks who are BIM champions. Good luck!

Aaron Maller

Phil- Very excited to hear of this discussion. Over the years i have sometimes broken faith with those around me in the Design Profession, because of my stance on this matter, but i hold to it: Architectural Design is a luxury profession. That is to say, it is a luxury that we desire the beautiful, the emotionally engaging, and what you call the "ineffable aspects" of architecture. To be clear, when i say that i in NO way mean it isnt valueable, or desireable.

Rather, i think this discussion about potentially shifting away from the Indonctrination Tactics of current Architectural Education does the opposite of what the educator was asking: CAN this shift put the focus BACK on the beautiful?

What designers manifest in their work is all: Ethereal, emotionally invoking, and- at the same time- often beyond quantifiability in terms of actual construction. I want to see those beaituful sketches judged on how beautiful they are standing as the Built Condition, and not being judged on the steady hand used for the Rapidograph on Mylar that will never get built.

For that passion, i will lower my head and keep being branded a "Revit guy," as i secretly plot to keep Design relevant.

Great post.


Afternoon Phil - Thanks for the chat, and for posting the Prezi!!

Hansen Rio

Interesting thoughts. Interestning person. Keep posting. Have a good day! :)

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